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Hello, my name is Parris Reed and I am an INTERIOR DESIGNER that is lucky enough to work hand in hand with my fabulous mother/boss, Sharon Reed. This blog is here to document and celebrate our love of design, our crazy work life (usually in the car, hence the travels), and our fun finds along the way! 

Wallpaper Me Wonderful

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello everyone! Today I am going to celebrate the wonders of wallpaper! I have always been a huge fan of wallpapering a room and usually when I express this to a client, they respond with “I’m not really a wallpaper person,” but after opening there eyes to the beauty of wall coverings, 9 times out of 10 they end up with at least one space that is wallpapered!   I think the reason why I love wallpaper is that it can either be a quiet layer in a room becoming the underlying piece that makes the room work, or it can be the show stopper element that makes the overall statement with no questions asked! In short, wallpaper is wonderful!  Don’t you think??

I LOVE this!
Nothing like a little wallpaper in the middle of white paneling!



Pattern on the walls versus pattern in the room!




Happy Monday!

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