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Hello, my name is Parris Reed and I am an INTERIOR DESIGNER that is lucky enough to work hand in hand with my fabulous mother/boss, Sharon Reed. This blog is here to document and celebrate our love of design, our crazy work life (usually in the car, hence the travels), and our fun finds along the way! 

Tres Tray Chic

Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Monday Everyone!
Today I would like to acknowledge the often over-looked, but oh so crucial accessory in most decorating… The Tray. I didn’t even know how much I truly appreciated this budget friendly accoutrement to decor until I looked around my house and noticed that I, myself, had on display 6 trays! None of them, I might add, were used for breakfast in bed! 1 in my bathroom, 3 for jewelry, 1 for perfume, and 1 on my desk to keep my messy pile of mail in order! The thing I love most about the tray is that you don’t have to be meticulously organized to look put together. Case in point, on my desk, I have a pile of mail, 4 cards from friends, a candle, a container of pens, and an architectural ruler… without the tray, I would  have a cluttered space on my desk, unless I put everything away perfectly every time I did something. With the tray, I have a pop of mirrored fuschia bordering my doodads on my desk and everything looks neat, tidy, and organized… LOVE IT!! Take a look below to see some wonderful examples of the Tres Chic Tray in action!

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