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Master Bedroom Design El Dorado Hills

Master Bedroom Interior Design

The Reed Design Group in El Dorado Hills master bedroom interior design is a step above the competition. The master bedroom is your private space and should reflect who you are. Your typical interior designer will design a master bedroom using the colors and styles you like best. The Reed Design Group design's master bedrooms according to your needs of how you spend your time. If you are looking to make it your personal haven with the use of interior decorating, The Reed Design Group in El Dorado Hillsis here to help.  The Reed Design Group provides master bedroom interior design ideas, and low budget design ideas for free.

Give us a call today. Sometimes it only takes a simple Design idea to get your creative design ideas flowing.

Master Bedroom Styles El Dorado Hills

  • Passionate Master Bedroom
  • Reading Room
  • Private Room
  • Maybe something else?

Passionate Master Bedroom El Dorado Hills

Master bedrooms that are very passionate use colors to contribute to personal beauty and are erotically appealing. Choose seductive colors like Rouge Red, Lipstick Reds, Creamy Peaches, and Subtle Pinks. Make sure the colors enhance your natural beauty. Be daring and use bold colors on the walls.

An intimate bistro table, set with two chairs, invites private conversations. Dressing tables, furnished with feminine accessories and intimate objects, add mystery and romance to a room. Just the presence of a bed tray suggests the possibility of the ultimate pleasure: breakfast in bed, while soft lighting, candles, essential oils in a diffuser, and gentle oscillating fans effectively complete the decor in a Passion Boudoir.

Reading Room Interior Design El Dorado Hills

If you're one of the many people who love to read in their bedrooms, you might consider designing your main bedroom with lounging and reading books in mind. Since eye experts warn that it's bad for a person's eyes to read while lying down (because we tend to hold the book too close), you might begin by enabling proper reading posture by installing padded headboards.

Good colors for Reading Rooms include Old World Ivory, Antique Amber, Sage Green, and Slate Blue. These soft colors reflect light without glare and also support peaceful feelings. Squishy pillows, luxurious Afghans or throws, landscape paintings with distant horizons, and mirrors for private reflections add feelings of indulgence.


Private Bedroom Interior Design El Dorado Hills

Perhaps you'd rather turn your master bedroom interior design into a personal retreat, where you can escape and unwind from a busy day. Surround yourself with photos of friends, family, and places you love, as well as your favorite artwork and meaningful mementos. Under-furnished private sanctuaries can also give you the space to contemplate and daydream.

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